Appraise your rugs

Appraise your rug(s)

Learn Everything There Is To Know About Your Rugs

We regularly prepare rug appraisals for private clients, fiduciary advisors, major insurance companies, and estate executors. They meet a wide-array of needs, including asset management, probate and succession, informed estate and tax planning, insurance purposes, any prior inquires about property acquisition, collateral loan agreements, gift tax documentation, and charitable contributions.

Each property is comprehensively described based on our unrivaled experience in the international rug market to include origin, design, condition, medium, dimensions, provenance, circa, and replacement retail value. The final legal document, signed personally by Mr. John Khalil, is accepted throughout the industry and by courts, estate planning professionals, the Internal Revenue Service, and insurance firms.

Certified appraisal documents will be mailed via U.S. Postal Service to you within approximately two days.

For Appraisal(s)

Phone number
Size of rug
And any information about your rug(s).
If you have any questions please call us at 800-871-0569 or 631-351-4720.

1 Appraisal – $125
2-9 Appraisals – $99 each
10+ Appraisals – $89each